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   Admail Options
 Admail Silver – an affective marketing tool  Admail Gold a winning organizational tool
   For Exchange 2007 only

 One click and all your target audience are exposed
 to your marketing messages.
 Easy installation interfacing to the organization's
 mail server.
 Easy operation friendly web interface allowing
 the promotion of an advertising campaign
 in seconds.
 Effective low budget – high return.
 Efficient messages segmentation based on groups
 of users, groups of senders and more.

 One click and all your employees are updated.
 In addition to the advantages of admail silver,
 the admail gold system allows you to keep in
 daily contact with your employees by delivering
 information, noting special events, special days,
 meeting and conferences, birthday, new
 appointments, marketing employees, assimilation
 of procedures, paperwork and more.

 Offers the user statistics and click rates
 allowing the measurement of your  campaign's  success.
 Deployment Options  Technical Benefits of the new features

 Small businesses(1-10 users)
 Medium businesses(10-50 users)
 Large Enterprises
 Internal Mail

 Link Option
 Adtext Option
 Senders/Receivers Filters
 Log & Audit Report
   Turning business email into business